2419 Post Cleansing

Clearing the village under the village

The whole party's awake now!

Half way through the clearing of the dungeons below the decrepit village, the party retreated above to catch their breath, rest, and resume their work the next day. They were greeted by the nice surprise of Rohas, finally awake. It turned out that Rohas had shown an allergic reaction to the thawing medicine that Jane had used and had entered a state of sleep for the past four days. Now, the party back at their full strength, took to the dungeons again, battling through various forms of undead, finding old world relics and a considerable amount of wealth.

What they find is that the old village now sits below several feet of rock, melting ice, and dirt, and above several hundred feet of empty space, in the middle of a massive crevice.

After finally heroically beating the last skeleton into pieces, the party clears the twisting dungeons, gather what they deem worthy, and go back up to gather their equipment and their new followers and continue east.



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