2419 Post Cleansing

Exploring an old village

There's a village under this village!

After dealing with the issue of the evolved chameleon, the party continued east on their journey towards where they guessed the mine would be. Their journey continues for two more days of uneventful hiking, suffering the occasional poking of the curious (and very dangerous) forest inhabitants. On the sixth day of the first week of the month, Ixkriel was taken by the grief of the traumatic events. His god missing, the world under the reign of a tyrannical and most likely a heretical god, he found one good offering for his god. A death that was dealt with properly. His own death. He walked away from the party and alone, committed suicide. While taken by surprise, the Picard and Gabriel came to their senses, respected Ixkriel by giving him a proper burial, and continued on their path.

Two days later, early in the morning, they came across an old decrepit village. A single sound emanating throughout the village. The sound of a pickax on something hard.

As the party investigated the village, they found the buildings to be in an extremely poor state, one housing an entry into a deep cave. The last building they checked, had a locked door and was the source of the sound. The party, deciding to take the more civil approach, knocked on the door and after a short and strange conversation later, they were introduced to Bran. A somewhat mad explorer from the center of the continent and the city of Markaz.

After talking with him, they find that the there is actually another village below the very vilalge they were standing upon. It turns out that they had arrived just in time before the last possibly living member of this village had thawed out. Jane quickly gets to work as Picard deals with Bran and talks with him. Some time later, Jane and Athel had the other old world person out of ice (for the most part). According to himself, he was Hannibal. A bard from the old world and before the events of the cleansing, he was on his way to a nearby city to find more information about his magical musical instrument.

An hour later, Hannibal was fully out of the ice (and had recovered from the thawing process surprisingly fast), Bran had begun somewhat worshiping the old world party members, and the party had decided to investigate the tunnel under the other house as Bran had informed them that it most likely held a large amount of old world relics. The party begun exploring the somewhat maze like environment of an old, rotting, and frozen village.



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