2419 Post Cleansing

Hammer Hill

Axe Beaks, a storm, and a revolution

After escaping the town of Narda with its governor, the party quickly set out back on their east-ward path in the wilderness, occasionally taking time to talk with the governor whom they found to be called “Naree”, a drow that had been assigned as the governor of said town some two years ago. While he was relatively talkative as far as prisoners go, he did not give out any amount of useful information besides revealing his rather racist disposition towards Hannibal or as he liked to refer to him, “the monster”.

Some days later, the party ran into another strange creature of the new world. A smaller variation of the Axe Beak. Seven feet long birds with large and hard beaks, tiny and rather comical wings, and strong, ostrich-like legs. Gabriel managed to tame one and the party killed the other, preparing the meat, and in a rather gruesome twist, began feeding it to the first Axe Beak, now named Denthanis and somewhat following the party.

Some days later, after enduring a rather violent storm that came with its own elementals, the party ran into a Halfling. Or more correctly the Halfling ran into them.

Eryn, a female Halfling clad in leader and armed with a bow and a knife and a small amount of traveling supplies. After a quick exchange of information, the Halfling rather shocked by the beastly creatures before her, found herself agreeing with the general sentiments of the party.

Eryn was a metal worker in the town of Hammer Hill and considering the fact that two of her friends were already arrested or kidnapped, she had thought it best to escape the town and take her chances with the hostile wilderness rather than the local soldiers. The party, deciding that perhaps freeing the town from its oppressive rule would be a wise course of action, especially since the town would be likely to have some sympathetic population to them.

The party snuck their way back into the town, climbing up the cliff side and rather miraculously were not discovered (especially considering their general look of one human in ragged and dirty clothing, a lizardman wearing an Axe Beak cloak and hood, and an actual Axe Beak) and made their way to Hera’s home. The only remaining friend of Eryn.
Just as the party was done with planning their possible rebellion in the town, knocks at the door shocked them all. The soldiers were there to take Hera away. An ambush later, three piles of obsidian dust lay at the floor, Hera was in shock, and the party was quickly relocating to Eryn’s home that had shown no sign of intrusion. There they planned another ambush since surely soldiers would come there, just to take Eryn away if not outright hunting them.

Some fifteen minutes later, a group of soldiers was scouting through the town, searching for Hera and the killers of the previous three and another group was headed for Eryn’s house. The party prepared their ambush. The orcs broke through the doors. A short skirmish later and all the orcs were piles of dust on the ground, their weapons rotting away and turning into corroded iron dust. The party retreated into the house, barred the doors as far as they could be closed, and started planning for their decisive strike that would win them the town.



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