2419 Post Cleansing

The Order of Freedom

The Town of Hammer Hill is freed!

After a quick rest the party set out to plan their revolution and execute it. Their plan was to cause chaos, thin the number of the orcs (referred to as guardians, police, or agents but the people of this new world) inside the tower, and then assault the tower, taking it over, rescuing any prisoners inside, and holding a fortified position against whoever would want to take it back.

Using the molotov cocktails that they had created, they set fire to some wooden houses. The picked one of the houses from one of Eryn’s friends who was kidnapped by the government. In the dead of night, Eryn sneaked out through the streets, threw the fire starter at the house, and watched as the fire caught the house and flames began to rise. She quickly retreated to the house the party was waiting at and reported her success. The party quickly moved through the town, on their way, in the heat of the moment and caught up in the whims of chaos, Hannibal threw the other molotov cocktail into an occupied house instead of the other designated house, creating vastly more amounts of terror at the expense of at least one innocent life.

The party then quickly and stealthily made their way through the backstreets of the town and approached the tower at the center. They climbed up the wall and positioned themselves around the massive open wall of the blacksmithing level. They breached, cut down the orcs that were there and moved out to secure the rest of the tower.

Half an hour later, they had secured the blacksmithing level, the prison level, and the quarters. They had rescued Anen, Eryn’s former boss, Sven, one of Eryn’s collegues, and found the body of Finore, one of Eryn’s co-workers who had apparently died to torture.

Hannibal, somewhat bored by taking care of the prisoners and the planning, made his way upstairs and investigated the fourth floor. Inside was an old lady, behind a desk, reading a book. While initially she seemed a rather amiable figure, she somewhat panicked after seeing Hannibal, called her clockwork automatons to life, causing Hannibal in turn to panic and throw the final molotov cocktail at her and running away.

Later the party attacked the top room, killing the two automatons and securing the room. In the back half of the room, governor Ellet was hiding under her bedsheets. She had most likely cured herself of the extreme burns by some potion or another judging by the mess of broken glass and mixed potions on the floor and her lack of hair on her haid yet mysteriously unharmed skin.

After a short time of discussions, interrogations, and arguments, the party and the governor came to an agreement. If she would be allowed to leave the town unhamred, she would take the remaining twenty or so orcs with her. The party agreed, gathered the town, and proclaimed their freedom. The former governor stayed true to her words, gathered the orcs, and left the down.

The town of Hammer Hill, was now free.



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