2419 Post Cleansing

The town of Narda

Where the party commits theft, assault, kidnapping, and sabotage.

After traveling for several days through the hostile wilderness of this new world, the party came across a small town, walled off by a tall wooden fence and watched over by watch towers. Deciding that perhaps it would be better to stay out of sight of the local policing force, they went around the settlement. They did however run into a small group of people gathering wood, roughly an hour of town. After talking with them for a bit they convinced them that they were separated from traveling caravan on a very important mission. The wood cutters convinced the party to spend the night with them, get supplies, and possibly check in with the officials with guidance for them.

The party however, quickly found out that Hannibal had been arrested. Now knowing about the Obsidian Orcs, he had simply walked up to the front gate, his appearance instantly causing the guards to seize and arrest him.

The next day, before sunrise, the party woke. Preparing themselves for a daring infiltration of the tower at the center of the town where the guards and most likely Hannibal were located. Under the cover of darkness the approached the tower, climbing up and entering at the very top. They found themselves in a well furnished room for a single occupant, and promptly looted what they could. In the next room over, a study of sorts, a figure was reading. Shortly after they were done looting, the continued downstairs, mapping out the tower and counting the guards.

They stealthily made their way to the dungeon, killed the one lone guard, and deftly made their way out. On the top floor however, they ran into the governor of the town. A skilled Drow who was quickly magically silenced by Rohas and set upon by the rest of the party. In less than a minute the party had him knocked out and hauled him out of the tower, escaping the town into the surrounding wilderness.



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