2419 Post Cleansing

The adventure begins

Not entirely as expected.

A group of adventurers, responding to a recruitment call by an adventuring company, are sat in a tavern. After they greet each other, a paladin, seemingly in the employ of the Golden Sword and Shield company approaches them, describing to them a the task they are to take to be recruited into the company.

While they are beginning their goodbyes, horns blare. From the ground beneath them, shaking their very bodies, loud terrifying horns startle them all. Earthquakes follow, followed by eruptions of lava and an avalanche. The paladin manages to momentarily save them but alas, his power begins to wane. He puts the party in a magical sleep of some sort to preserve them before being taken by lava.

After a bout of discomforting nightmares, the party awake. They find themselves in a run down wooden shack and in a comfortable weather. In the room with them are two figures, an elven man and a half elf woman. Both seem to be busy seeing to them and studying them strangely.

After some discussions, arguments, exclamations, and a few acts of unstable magic, the party find themselves in strange new lands. A land where magic is regarded as a miracle of god, a land ruled by a single tyrant god, and a land that is not the same time as they were before.

They join Jane, the archaeologist that had found and thawed them, in returning to the town of Lugduf, Jane’s home, and to see if they could plan anything from there and to see where life would take them.



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