2419 Post Cleansing

The Order of Freedom
The Town of Hammer Hill is freed!

After a quick rest the party set out to plan their revolution and execute it. Their plan was to cause chaos, thin the number of the orcs (referred to as guardians, police, or agents but the people of this new world) inside the tower, and then assault the tower, taking it over, rescuing any prisoners inside, and holding a fortified position against whoever would want to take it back.

Using the molotov cocktails that they had created, they set fire to some wooden houses. The picked one of the houses from one of Eryn’s friends who was kidnapped by the government. In the dead of night, Eryn sneaked out through the streets, threw the fire starter at the house, and watched as the fire caught the house and flames began to rise. She quickly retreated to the house the party was waiting at and reported her success. The party quickly moved through the town, on their way, in the heat of the moment and caught up in the whims of chaos, Hannibal threw the other molotov cocktail into an occupied house instead of the other designated house, creating vastly more amounts of terror at the expense of at least one innocent life.

The party then quickly and stealthily made their way through the backstreets of the town and approached the tower at the center. They climbed up the wall and positioned themselves around the massive open wall of the blacksmithing level. They breached, cut down the orcs that were there and moved out to secure the rest of the tower.

Half an hour later, they had secured the blacksmithing level, the prison level, and the quarters. They had rescued Anen, Eryn’s former boss, Sven, one of Eryn’s collegues, and found the body of Finore, one of Eryn’s co-workers who had apparently died to torture.

Hannibal, somewhat bored by taking care of the prisoners and the planning, made his way upstairs and investigated the fourth floor. Inside was an old lady, behind a desk, reading a book. While initially she seemed a rather amiable figure, she somewhat panicked after seeing Hannibal, called her clockwork automatons to life, causing Hannibal in turn to panic and throw the final molotov cocktail at her and running away.

Later the party attacked the top room, killing the two automatons and securing the room. In the back half of the room, governor Ellet was hiding under her bedsheets. She had most likely cured herself of the extreme burns by some potion or another judging by the mess of broken glass and mixed potions on the floor and her lack of hair on her haid yet mysteriously unharmed skin.

After a short time of discussions, interrogations, and arguments, the party and the governor came to an agreement. If she would be allowed to leave the town unhamred, she would take the remaining twenty or so orcs with her. The party agreed, gathered the town, and proclaimed their freedom. The former governor stayed true to her words, gathered the orcs, and left the down.

The town of Hammer Hill, was now free.

Hammer Hill
Axe Beaks, a storm, and a revolution

After escaping the town of Narda with its governor, the party quickly set out back on their east-ward path in the wilderness, occasionally taking time to talk with the governor whom they found to be called “Naree”, a drow that had been assigned as the governor of said town some two years ago. While he was relatively talkative as far as prisoners go, he did not give out any amount of useful information besides revealing his rather racist disposition towards Hannibal or as he liked to refer to him, “the monster”.

Some days later, the party ran into another strange creature of the new world. A smaller variation of the Axe Beak. Seven feet long birds with large and hard beaks, tiny and rather comical wings, and strong, ostrich-like legs. Gabriel managed to tame one and the party killed the other, preparing the meat, and in a rather gruesome twist, began feeding it to the first Axe Beak, now named Denthanis and somewhat following the party.

Some days later, after enduring a rather violent storm that came with its own elementals, the party ran into a Halfling. Or more correctly the Halfling ran into them.

Eryn, a female Halfling clad in leader and armed with a bow and a knife and a small amount of traveling supplies. After a quick exchange of information, the Halfling rather shocked by the beastly creatures before her, found herself agreeing with the general sentiments of the party.

Eryn was a metal worker in the town of Hammer Hill and considering the fact that two of her friends were already arrested or kidnapped, she had thought it best to escape the town and take her chances with the hostile wilderness rather than the local soldiers. The party, deciding that perhaps freeing the town from its oppressive rule would be a wise course of action, especially since the town would be likely to have some sympathetic population to them.

The party snuck their way back into the town, climbing up the cliff side and rather miraculously were not discovered (especially considering their general look of one human in ragged and dirty clothing, a lizardman wearing an Axe Beak cloak and hood, and an actual Axe Beak) and made their way to Hera’s home. The only remaining friend of Eryn.
Just as the party was done with planning their possible rebellion in the town, knocks at the door shocked them all. The soldiers were there to take Hera away. An ambush later, three piles of obsidian dust lay at the floor, Hera was in shock, and the party was quickly relocating to Eryn’s home that had shown no sign of intrusion. There they planned another ambush since surely soldiers would come there, just to take Eryn away if not outright hunting them.

Some fifteen minutes later, a group of soldiers was scouting through the town, searching for Hera and the killers of the previous three and another group was headed for Eryn’s house. The party prepared their ambush. The orcs broke through the doors. A short skirmish later and all the orcs were piles of dust on the ground, their weapons rotting away and turning into corroded iron dust. The party retreated into the house, barred the doors as far as they could be closed, and started planning for their decisive strike that would win them the town.

The town of Narda
Where the party commits theft, assault, kidnapping, and sabotage.

After traveling for several days through the hostile wilderness of this new world, the party came across a small town, walled off by a tall wooden fence and watched over by watch towers. Deciding that perhaps it would be better to stay out of sight of the local policing force, they went around the settlement. They did however run into a small group of people gathering wood, roughly an hour of town. After talking with them for a bit they convinced them that they were separated from traveling caravan on a very important mission. The wood cutters convinced the party to spend the night with them, get supplies, and possibly check in with the officials with guidance for them.

The party however, quickly found out that Hannibal had been arrested. Now knowing about the Obsidian Orcs, he had simply walked up to the front gate, his appearance instantly causing the guards to seize and arrest him.

The next day, before sunrise, the party woke. Preparing themselves for a daring infiltration of the tower at the center of the town where the guards and most likely Hannibal were located. Under the cover of darkness the approached the tower, climbing up and entering at the very top. They found themselves in a well furnished room for a single occupant, and promptly looted what they could. In the next room over, a study of sorts, a figure was reading. Shortly after they were done looting, the continued downstairs, mapping out the tower and counting the guards.

They stealthily made their way to the dungeon, killed the one lone guard, and deftly made their way out. On the top floor however, they ran into the governor of the town. A skilled Drow who was quickly magically silenced by Rohas and set upon by the rest of the party. In less than a minute the party had him knocked out and hauled him out of the tower, escaping the town into the surrounding wilderness.

Clearing the village under the village
The whole party's awake now!

Half way through the clearing of the dungeons below the decrepit village, the party retreated above to catch their breath, rest, and resume their work the next day. They were greeted by the nice surprise of Rohas, finally awake. It turned out that Rohas had shown an allergic reaction to the thawing medicine that Jane had used and had entered a state of sleep for the past four days. Now, the party back at their full strength, took to the dungeons again, battling through various forms of undead, finding old world relics and a considerable amount of wealth.

What they find is that the old village now sits below several feet of rock, melting ice, and dirt, and above several hundred feet of empty space, in the middle of a massive crevice.

After finally heroically beating the last skeleton into pieces, the party clears the twisting dungeons, gather what they deem worthy, and go back up to gather their equipment and their new followers and continue east.

Exploring an old village
There's a village under this village!

After dealing with the issue of the evolved chameleon, the party continued east on their journey towards where they guessed the mine would be. Their journey continues for two more days of uneventful hiking, suffering the occasional poking of the curious (and very dangerous) forest inhabitants. On the sixth day of the first week of the month, Ixkriel was taken by the grief of the traumatic events. His god missing, the world under the reign of a tyrannical and most likely a heretical god, he found one good offering for his god. A death that was dealt with properly. His own death. He walked away from the party and alone, committed suicide. While taken by surprise, the Picard and Gabriel came to their senses, respected Ixkriel by giving him a proper burial, and continued on their path.

Two days later, early in the morning, they came across an old decrepit village. A single sound emanating throughout the village. The sound of a pickax on something hard.

As the party investigated the village, they found the buildings to be in an extremely poor state, one housing an entry into a deep cave. The last building they checked, had a locked door and was the source of the sound. The party, deciding to take the more civil approach, knocked on the door and after a short and strange conversation later, they were introduced to Bran. A somewhat mad explorer from the center of the continent and the city of Markaz.

After talking with him, they find that the there is actually another village below the very vilalge they were standing upon. It turns out that they had arrived just in time before the last possibly living member of this village had thawed out. Jane quickly gets to work as Picard deals with Bran and talks with him. Some time later, Jane and Athel had the other old world person out of ice (for the most part). According to himself, he was Hannibal. A bard from the old world and before the events of the cleansing, he was on his way to a nearby city to find more information about his magical musical instrument.

An hour later, Hannibal was fully out of the ice (and had recovered from the thawing process surprisingly fast), Bran had begun somewhat worshiping the old world party members, and the party had decided to investigate the tunnel under the other house as Bran had informed them that it most likely held a large amount of old world relics. The party begun exploring the somewhat maze like environment of an old, rotting, and frozen village.

Escape from Lugduf
Out of the frying pan, into the fire

Soon after coming to their senses and finding another fellow adventurer encased in ice, the party decided on leaving the town, escaping the grasps of the empire’s agents before they were upon them. After discussing with Jane, it seemed that they would have a few days of relative safety before anyone important realized that there were four living people thawed out of ice. The party however, choosing to take the cover of night, escaped that very night. Besides from a short run-in with a guard prowling the streets (who turned to literal dust and smoke after the party shattered it of all things) and a small and exciting dash across a few hundred feet of open space, the party reached the eastern forests of the town of Lugduf, and was away.

Within the forest, they made more concrete plans on their destination. They intended to go east until they found the mine that they had come out of. As such, they chose to travel roughly one thousand miles east.

On the way, the noticed that the world was not as magically “stagnant” as previously thought but rather magic had seeped through the world itself and imbued many things with changes or magical properties. A prominent example of which was the fact that a mud elemental was simply laying traps by a river without any other obvious magical tethers. Another example was a very large chameleon, shaped like an apex predator with a sleek body and longer legs, giving it an alien look.

They continued east.

The adventure begins
Not entirely as expected.

A group of adventurers, responding to a recruitment call by an adventuring company, are sat in a tavern. After they greet each other, a paladin, seemingly in the employ of the Golden Sword and Shield company approaches them, describing to them a the task they are to take to be recruited into the company.

While they are beginning their goodbyes, horns blare. From the ground beneath them, shaking their very bodies, loud terrifying horns startle them all. Earthquakes follow, followed by eruptions of lava and an avalanche. The paladin manages to momentarily save them but alas, his power begins to wane. He puts the party in a magical sleep of some sort to preserve them before being taken by lava.

After a bout of discomforting nightmares, the party awake. They find themselves in a run down wooden shack and in a comfortable weather. In the room with them are two figures, an elven man and a half elf woman. Both seem to be busy seeing to them and studying them strangely.

After some discussions, arguments, exclamations, and a few acts of unstable magic, the party find themselves in strange new lands. A land where magic is regarded as a miracle of god, a land ruled by a single tyrant god, and a land that is not the same time as they were before.

They join Jane, the archaeologist that had found and thawed them, in returning to the town of Lugduf, Jane’s home, and to see if they could plan anything from there and to see where life would take them.


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