Important World Events

World history according to the book “The Record of the Years”:

-2000 The Cleansing: Atashsang descended from the heavens and erased all evil from the world allowing life to start anew.

0000 First contact: The first contact of Atashsang was established. His first divine rulers descended from the heavens.

1010 The six cities After a millenia of work by the people of the world the six cities were built and established.

1213 The seventh city The seventh city was created.

1397 The Tragedy Tragedy struck and the world plunged into darkness. God protected life but the world fell into night for several centuries.

1802 Electricity Atashsang bestowed the gift of liquilectric power upon the scientists of the world.

2399 Ascension of Gaash: The city of Gaash acomplished its purpose in this world and ascended to the heavens.


Old World

-1500 Estimated Creation of intelligent life

-500 First records of writing and preservation of thought.

0000 The First Spark: The first time magic was used in the natural world.

0100 Arcane Casters: The first non-divine casters were discovered.

0198 Orc incursions The first orc incursion army arrives.

0804 Flat Earth Theory: Conclusion that earth was flat and not round like most celestial bodies.

1001 The Great War: The entirety of northern continent united to push out the orcs

1324 The Final Push: The orcs were kicked back to southern island.

1452 Education: Arcane casters begin intense studies of magic.

1676 Preservation: Divine casters begin their own teachings of magic.

1718 Caster Wars: After 80 years of competition war breaks out between the arcane and divine casters

1788 Union: After 70 years of extremely violet battles and carnage. Kira Selai brings peace to the world

2000Enlightenment Era: After the union of the two sides the world begins advancing rapidly.

2018 The Tear: The "explosion" in the night sky that shifted the stars and left a dark hole in the sky


The world revels in new magical developments and technologies every month. Everyone is mostly content. The war in the south still rages on however it is very limited now as it has turned into more of habit for the orcs rather than a purposeful invasion.

Important World Events

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