New World Geography

The world seems somewhat different than what the party remembers. The trees are different, the air feels different, and the party could not exactly pinpoint their location in the world as everything seemed unfamiliar.

A mere 80 miles out of Lugduf, nature seems rather aggressive and hostile. Besides from being actively hunted by a chameleon larger than two men, they party discovered that nature seems to be teeming with magic as a mud elemental attacked them not a day into their travels.

Lugduf: A small town north of Neuelm and at the sea side. The current estimates of the party puts it somewhere in the north western part of the world. The population estimate would be around a thousand or so people.

Neuelm: A large city south of Lugduf.

Narda: A town of some 2000 people. Was ruled by Governor Naree until the party kidnapped him. The town’s focus was most likely either on Science or Industry.

Hammer Hill: A moderately sized town of some 1500 people. Is ruled over by Governor Ellet. An old lady that prefers to rule through her officers and generals. Placed on a hill and is focused on industry.

New World Geography

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