Notable Characters



Gabriel: Druid. Human. 18 years of age. Brown eyes, hairs, and clothing. Accompanied by a small bear. A jovial chap.

Rohas: Inquisitor, Human, 34 years of age. Short and of moderate girth. Seems to a very well versed man with great interest in knowledge.

Picard: Paladin, Half-orc, 22 years of age. Grey skin and of a moderate build. Seems to have had ties with nobles of the old world before the cleansing.

Hannibal: Bard, Lizardfolk, 22 years of age.

Eryn: Rogue, Halfling, 27 years of age. Female metal worker that escaped the town of Hammer Hill, only to return an hour later and take part in a revolution.

Ixkreil: Oracle, Suli, 31 years of age. Silvery hair and silvery eyes. The glows of his eyes have dimmed to the point that the pupils and the iris are visible. Seems to have an interest in the dead and those headed for the grave.


Jane: Elf | Male | Tall and pale. Squinting eyes. Wears glasses. Wears simple clothing.
This was the person that “woke” (thawed) the party initially out of a sense of worry that the government would take, imprison, or kill the party as they are according to the books of lore heretics or enemies of some sort. He doesn’t seem terribly fond of the God or its rulers or agents. He is an archaeologist that specializes in items that were preserved through extreme cold.

Athel: Half-Elf | Female | short, pale, young. Seems to lack emotions besides curiosity for the most part. Is often seen with her small but thick notebook that she scribbles in. Partner and “sort of a niece” to Jane, she now accompanies the party alongside Jane.

Bran: Half-Elf | Male | Ragged old man with scars and dirt all around his body. Moves around with a twitchy attitude and seems paranoid and on edge. Was an explorer of the city of Markaz and escaped it before the events of its ascension.

Naree: Drow | Male | Rather handsome drow with white hair and dark purple skin. Has been tied up ever since the party kidnapped him. Was the governor of the town of Narda before his abduction.

Hera: Half-Elf| Female | A short person with blonde hair and an eye twitch when she gets nervous. Was one of Eryn’s coworkers.

Sven: Human | Male | A tall and slender man with nine fingers. One of Eryn’s coworkers. Seems to have been afflicted with mental issues after being abducted by the town government.

Anen: Elf | Female | Black hair and almost too white skin. She blinks a lot. One of Eryn’s coworkers. Seems to be the one least hurt by her abduction.

Finore: Elf | Male | Short brown hair and tan skin. One ear has a very visible cut. One of Eryn’s coworkers.

Governor Ellet: Human | Female | And old woman who walked with a cane and prior to the attack on her seemed to be a grandmother-like figure in her attitude and behavior. Was responsible for the rulership of the town of Hammer Hill. Has been “exiled” from the town along with a contingent of obsidian orcs by the party in their take over of Hammer Hill.

Atashsang: God

Notable Characters

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