2419 Post Cleansing

Escape from Lugduf

Out of the frying pan, into the fire

Soon after coming to their senses and finding another fellow adventurer encased in ice, the party decided on leaving the town, escaping the grasps of the empire’s agents before they were upon them. After discussing with Jane, it seemed that they would have a few days of relative safety before anyone important realized that there were four living people thawed out of ice. The party however, choosing to take the cover of night, escaped that very night. Besides from a short run-in with a guard prowling the streets (who turned to literal dust and smoke after the party shattered it of all things) and a small and exciting dash across a few hundred feet of open space, the party reached the eastern forests of the town of Lugduf, and was away.

Within the forest, they made more concrete plans on their destination. They intended to go east until they found the mine that they had come out of. As such, they chose to travel roughly one thousand miles east.

On the way, the noticed that the world was not as magically “stagnant” as previously thought but rather magic had seeped through the world itself and imbued many things with changes or magical properties. A prominent example of which was the fact that a mud elemental was simply laying traps by a river without any other obvious magical tethers. Another example was a very large chameleon, shaped like an apex predator with a sleek body and longer legs, giving it an alien look.

They continued east.



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